It’s A Family Affair: The Family That Stays Together, Slays Together

I was reading an article this morning about how Christian’s children are falling away from the faith. They gave several reasons as to cause of this falling away; all of which were centered around the responsibility of the parent within the home to walk the walk and to talk the talk of the word of … More It’s A Family Affair: The Family That Stays Together, Slays Together

The Love Factor

Love is the key to success. It’s true. But, we don’t generally equate love with success in the natural world. That’s why God’s Kingdom and how He runs it is counter to the culture that we live in. Sometimes when we walk with God and we have an expectation that He is up to something … More The Love Factor

Crossing Over

Do you feel as if you are on the brink of breakthrough? Do you sense that it is time for you to transition from where you are now to where God wants to take you? Time and opportunity is presenting itself to you: God is doing a new thing. isaiah 43:19 The Jordan River represents … More Crossing Over

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Israelites journey from Egypt into the wilderness with the promised land being their ultimate destination correlates with God’s children spiritual journey today? What is Spiritual Wilderness? Before you were saved, you were enslaved to the devil; at some point God calls you into the wilderness (into deeper fellowship with Him); … More Did You Know?