Bold As A Lion Outreach Presents Silvana Williams Multimedia Ministries

My name is Silvana Williams and I’ve been blogging since 2017. I don’t consider those blogs authentic since my SEO was horrible (on another blogging platform that I used), and I only blogged on occasion.   I really consider this to be my first serious blog, where I’ll be blogging on topics about faith, financial and family and empowerment.

I am the wife of a missionary (Bold As A Lion International Ministries), a homeschooler and an author.  I wrote my first (and only published) book Money With A Mission:  Get Your Financial House In Order about three years ago.  I don’t know, I suppose this book was born out of my desire to do something with my economics degree, ha ha.  I do like writing about finances so I hope some will find my blogs about finances useful.  As it were, the only review that I received said that the book was an informative read, but it needed more meat in the gravy (I’m working on it).

In fact, I am working on more books than I can count (while I’m working on one book, another one pops out).  I feel like I caught the late train and now I have some serious catching up to do.  So I really have to pace this well. 

It is my intent to use this platform as an outlet to express my my thoughts from a Christian point of view.

Our books are mostly about spiritual, financial, family empowerment.  My writings stem from the wisdom that I have gained over our 12-year missionary journey, hence Sojourning With Silvana.

The following video was recorded near Santa Barbara, California a number of years ago.  A guy who was touring the country on his bike, caught up with us at the local McDonald’s, while we were on one of our missions.

We pray that as we plant and water the seeds of this mission field, God will bring forth the increase to impact the lives of those who are in need of His Salvation. We want to encourage and inspire believers to live bold and free as they walk in His calling.

In this season of our ministry, we are now praying to reach believers and non-believers in new and exciting ways, with up and coming online ministry platforms.  Thank you for stopping by to visit.  I hope you’ll visit again.

Adventures In Faith

What does it take to set out in faith on nothing but a Word from God? It takes courage, boldness, perseverance. And Jehovah has given us all a measure of what it takes (Romans 12:3).

Bible Verse:

I Know The Plans That I Have For You” Jeremiah 29:11


When God issues the call, do you answer? Your answer directs the course of your life. If you answer no…then you get the normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill package-you die in the wilderness. What does it mean to die in the wilderness? Like the children of Israel who refused to believe and obey God, you wander all the days of life around a mountain that you never conquer, feeling defeated in life (Numbers 13 and 14).

However, if your answer is yes LORD, I’ll do it! Then, you get to experience adventures in faith.

You see, “Man does not live by bread only, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the LORD does man live” (Deuteronomy 8:3). And when you walk out God’s plan for your life, you position yourself to become empowered to prosper and to become a blessing to for someone else.

What Is Your Passion?

When my husband and I said “yes”, we never dreamed that our answer would call us to travel the country ministering to hundreds of people annually in a one-on-one encounter everywhere we went. Well, actually my husband does most of the street ministry in cities and rural areas around the country. I am a homeschool mom who endeavors to raise a pride of young entrepreneurs whose passion is to help build the Kingdom of God.

My passion is to inspire others to live bold and free (through our blogs, books and travel ministry website), and encourage them along the way, while answering the call of the One Who created us.

Do Not Despise Small Beginnings

Our journey began in rural Alabama, where my husband was born and raised. I, on the other hand, was a “big city girl”, and I wasn’t to sure about “this country living stuff”. Nevertheless, I settled into the “wilderness” because this was a part of my call. As my dear husband (who answered the call to full-time ministry), set out to minister in the local nursing home and jail house (see, you have to bloom where you are planted-whatever your hand finds to do, do it as unto Him). I became a housewife What? Did I say housewife? I meant to say, uh, stay at home mom (another one of those things that I had not plan on doing). In the midst of all of this, God speaks to me about homeschooling my children. Huh? What is that? Well, I learned what it was as I listened daily to a homeschool ministry on the radio. God equips those whom He calls (He really does). Needless to say, I fell in love with the whole idea of having my children with me all day and teaching them myself (see Deuteronomy 6).

Are You In Your Comfort Zone?

I did not know it at the time, but there was another reason for our homeschooling journey: We were getting ready to “take this show on the road”. As my husband began to branch out in ministry, he would travel to neighboring cities and states. In time, God revealed to me that what he was doing could be duplicated in Anytown, USA. So, at the time appointed, (someone say “appointed time”), we packed up and left our comfort zone and set out for our new adventure in faith (which today is known as Bold As A Lion International Ministries). Time and space will prevent me from going into our many adventures here, but I will reveal many of them in subsequent blog posts.

In Conclusion

My intent and purpose in this post is to inspire you to began your new adventure in faith by telling God “yes” to what He is asking you to do. And if you don’t know what He is asking of you in this season of your life, ask Him to help you spend quality time with Him in His Word, and in His timing, He will began to reveal His plan for your life.

Decide today to spend time with God.
Live adventurous. Walk by faith, not by sight. One day at a time.