Live Bold And Free

My name is Silvana Williams, and I’ve been blogging since 2017. I don’t consider those blogs authentic since my SEO was horrible (on another blogging platform I used), and I only blogged occasionally.   I consider this my first serious blog, where I blog on topics about faith, finances, and family and empowerment.

I am the wife of a missionary (Bold As A Lion International Ministries), a homeschooler, and an author.  About three years ago, I wrote my first book, Money With A Mission:  Get Your Financial House In Order.  I don’t know; I suppose this book was born out of my desire to do something with my economics degree, haha.  I do like writing about finances, so I hope some will find my posts about finances helpful.  As it were, the only review that I received said that the book was an informative read, but it needed more meat in the gravy (I’m working on it).

In fact, I am working on more books than I can count (while I’m working on one book, another one pops out).  I feel like I caught the late train, and now I have some serious catching up to do.  So I really have to pace this well. 

It is my intent to use this platform as an outlet to express my thoughts from a Christian point of view. And to encourage my readers to live bold (share your faith/testimonies), with the grace, strength, and wisdom of Christ, and without apology. To live free means to walk in the freedom of the Spirit of Christ Who has anointed you for such a time as this to do His will in the earth.

Our books are primarily about spiritual, financial, family empowerment.  My writings stem from the wisdom I have gained over our 12-year missionary journey, hence Sojourning With Silvana.

The following video was recorded near Santa Barbara, California, a number of years ago.  A guy touring the country on his bike caught up with us at the local McDonald’s while we were on one of our missions.

In this season of our ministry, we are now praying to reach believers and non-believers in new and exciting ways with up-and-coming online ministry platforms. 

Join me every Friday for your end-of-the-week inspirational, spiritual self-care.

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