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Welcome to Sojourning With Silvana. Here I share weekly Spirit-led lessons on spiritual growth. My goal with this ministry blog is to teach my readers/students how to survive their wilderness journey with books, online courses and other ministry tools that will propel them forward into their promised land.

Faith Blog Theme

As we travel along life’s journey, there comes a time when the Lord calls us to go to higher heights and deep depths with Him. We are called to a “wilderness experience“. The wilderness represents a place where we draw closer to Abba Father. It is a place of isolation, preparation, and revelation. We are called to a place of separation for the preparation of God’s purpose and will revealed for our lives.

I would describe the wilderness as a place of stark contrasts: you experience intense encounters with God, but at the same time, you are isolated. You are in stark need because the goal is for you to learn total dependence on God, but at the same time, you will experience a renewal in your soul. You may feel overwhelmed, but if you embrace what God is doing in your life, you will find rest and peace.

The key is knowing that you have been led into a wilderness experience so that you navigate this season in your life successfully. Using my personal experience and the wilderness experiences of the children of Israel and Jesus’ narrative during their time in isolation, I give you insight to help you come out victorious.

As we journey through the scriptures, prayerfully you will discover how to navigate those difficult times when you are in the cocoon of the wilderness and determine to move forward so that you are transformed into all that God has created you to do and be.

The ministry materials offered here are designed to help you to change your mindset (from a wilderness mentality), discover your mission (that God has created you to fulfill) and manifest your destiny (to learn how to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God). May He be glorified in your life. Amen?

Meet the Williams Tribe

For over a decade, our family has traveled throughout the United States preaching, teaching, and reaching out with our prayer and tract ministry. We stand as witnesses and a testimony of God’s faithfulness to those who believe.

Earlier in our missionary journey, a bicyclist touring the United States captured this video (and we are so glad that he did!) as he interviewed us at a local McDonald’s in Carpinteria, California.

We were walking through our wilderness journey as we walked out the call of God on our lives.

During the interview, someone stops by to encourage us to keep going: “He will lead the way.”

I want to encourage you to keep going. Don’t stop. You will come out on the other side of your wilderness season. Seasons do change. Stay focused on Jesus (the Word), and He will lead the way.

Welcome and join us every Friday for your end-of-the-week spiritual boot camp.